Ordinary Days

Little by little,
The Lord is cutting off all our natural life;
As we grow in Him,
He replaces us with more of His life divine.
  It is our destiny,
To live a normal life in the divine dispensing,
It is a blessing,
To be satisfied with ordinary days
  in the divine dispensing.
Day by day,
Our inward parts are being renewed by the Lord;
Every day,
Fresh and rich supply to us He does afford.
Here a little,
And there a little, Christ reveals Himself to us;
When we read His word,
We are satisfied and we enjoy Him thus.
Morning by morning,
Jehovah He is faithful to awaken us;
He instructs our ears,
With just a word, the weary to sustain we must.
From strength to strength,
We’re on the highways to enter into our God;
Though Satan opposes,
We are strengthened to lay hold of more of God.
Grace upon grace,
The Triune God is processed for us to enjoy;
The law is over,
Now we can partake of His supply through grace.
From glory to glory,
We are in the process of being transformed;
Beholding, reflecting,
To God’s image with all saints we’ll be conformed.
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Gerson Noah Pasion

Solson, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

It is our destiny! To live a normal life in the divine dispensing! :)

Benjie Arroyo

Mandaluyong, NCR, Philippines

The greatest blessing is to live a life under and in the divine dispensing! And it is our destiny!!!! Hallelujah!!!

Mercy Grace Cabural

Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

Praise the Lord! It is so normal, so ordinary to us to spend our days living under the divine dispensing of our God. Truly, we are being supplied by Himself as the rich grace, enabling us to go on in our Christian life. Thus, our Christian life must be day by day, little by little, grace upon grace, and from glory to glory. It is so normal to us to live in the Divine life under His Divine dispensing.

Roxanne Mae Remolador

Cebu City, Philippines

Live under the divine dispensing :)

Joana Saquing

Caloocan City, Philippines

Praise the Lord! We, Christians should dare to be different in the world yet normal in Christ through His dispensing.


Gardengrove, Ca, United States

Love the trainees and love this song, bless you guys. :-) #ordinarydays

Armand Tongo

Caloocan, NCR, Philippines

Praise the Lord! It is very normal to be satisfied with ordinary days. O Lord Jesus! I want to be a normal Christian. May this satisfaction be prevailing in the divine dispensing. :)

Precious Grace Catindig

Malabon, Philippines

We thank the Lord for this miraculous normality. It is such a blessing to be satisfied with ordinary days in the divine dispensing.

Singing (from Ordinary Days)