My inner parts have yearned for Him

My inner parts have yearned for Him;
To my Beloved I now open;
My Beloved’s gone, He has withdrawn,
I open but He was gone.
  I am sick with love, I am sick with love for Him.
If you find Him, please tell Him that
I am sick with love for Him.
I sought Him but I found Him not.
I called Him yet He answered not.
If you find my love please tell Him that
I’m sick with love for Him.
Marilyn V. Lumicday

Cebu, Ronda Cebu, Philippines

Dearest Lord,

Lord, You how much I love You today and everyday dear Lord, my Beloved, my love! Lord, everyday my heart is always longing for You and yearning for You that I may see Your precious and glorious Face. Dear Lord, my Beloved and Husband; I love You always. I love You everyday. I love You more and more each day. Yet sometimes my Lord, You are hiding Yourself from me and even You know that You are the only who can make me happy and who would complete my day. Everyday my dearest Lord, my most Precious Lord, I am always sick with love for You and forever be sick in love with You. Lord, I love You to the uttermost! I really treasure You dear Lord in my heart today. Dearest Lord, my love I love You more and more each day!

Dearest Lord of mine; Your love is always yearning and longing for You.

My Lord, my love I love You always. I love You everyday and forever!

Your love,

Marilyn L.

Dasha Chong

Stuttgart, Germany

Psalms 42:2 My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When will I come and appear before God?

I adjure you, if you find my beloved, please tell Him that I'm sick with love for Him.

Shanlin Cheng

United States

I am sick with love for Him.

Joshua Catindig

Santa Rosa City, Laguna, Philippines

As we traverse this age, may we all be sick with love for the Lord.

Precious Grace Catindig

Malabon, Philippines

To be sick with love is to love the Lord even to the point of exhaustion. Amen!

Faith Tan

Zamboanga City, Philippines

The Lord loves us unreasonably, thus, how we need to love Him as well. However, the love that we should render should not come from our naturalness but from the love that comes from Him. Only the things that comes from Him can satisfy Him; ourselves has no ground on it. May we be more open to be filled with His divine love so that whenever we say, "Lord Jesus, we love You," we surely can satisfy our Beloved.