He’s able, He’s able

  He’s able, He’s able,
I know He’s able,
I know my Lord is able
To carry me through.
  He healed the broken-hearted
And set the captive free,
He made the lame to walk again
And caused the blind to see.
  He’s able, He’s able,
I know He’s able,
I know my Lord is able
To carry me through.

Harveysburg, Ohio, United States

My friend and I were kind of in the woes of the shape of America and the world.... hung up the phone and started for bed and this little song came up in my heart ❤️ I know He is able, thank you dear Jesus for going to Calvary's cross and bearing the sins of the whole world 🙏🙏 Praises to your Holy Name



I used to sing this song in the Sunday school. This evening, the Lord puts this song in my heart again, to trust Him fully that His omnipotent hand alone will suffice to get me to ‘the other side’.


West Middlesex, PA, United States

I love this hymn! He IS able!!! I find myself singing this hymn as I’m getting my radiation treatments! God has truly blessed me! The other hymn I sing as I’m getting my treatments is ~I Will Sing of the Mercies.

Thank you Lord for being Able & Merciful!

Thank you Lord for saving my soul!

May God bless y’all!

Elsie Rutledgr

Crystal Springs, MS, United States

I woke up in the night with this entire song playing in my mind and heart; hadn’t thought of it in many years. It’s such an encouragement and so true!

Dee Hopper

Chester, Cheshire, United Kingdom

I woke up singing this song which I'd forgotten I knew, but wasn't quite sure of the words so it was good to find it here.

I am, however sure of the truth of it. He IS able!!!


Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

He's Able for do Everything... Jesus Bless Us

Cindy Ferguson

Carmel, IN, United States

He’s Able... cause the blind to see, Oh Lord, please!

David Kruse

Manitoba, Canada

I had not thought of this song for a long time, but the Lord used a quote by Susannah Spurgeon to bring it back to mind. I needed to say/sing it, to declare the truth when I was/am feeling discouraged.

Christine Davies

Sundre, Alberta, Canada

I appreciate this song. It reminds me Christ has healed my broken heart, and has made me stop and cause me to see( that trials bring patience and cause us to trust moment by moment) and sometimes my heart is captive with evil thoughts, but he is wanting to set me free by giving it all to him, because then I will know he will carry me through. Because he has proved it over and over again. He is able as I trust him.


Very nice