I’m so attracted by Your love

I’m so attracted by Your love,
And I’m drawn by You
In Your sweetness, to pursue, after You
For my full satisfaction.
  I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love
With the most beautiful One.
I’m captivated by Your name
And I’m charmed by You;
With Your fragrance covering me I was gained
As You kissed me with Your kisses.
  I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love
With the most affectionate One.
I’m fellowshipping in Your love
And rejoicing in You.
In Your chambers I enjoy our sweet love
For the church, Your satisfaction.
  I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love
With the most intimate One.

Lord I’m so capativated by You.

Nick Verbeek

Dundas, ON, Canada

Lord, I’m captured by Your beauty. Precious Lord, my flask of alabaster gladly now I break in love for Thee; loving Thee I’m deeply satisfied. Not alone, O Lord, do I adore Thee, but with all the saints as Thy dear bride; quickly come, our love is waiting for Thee; Jesus Lord, Thou wilt be satisfied. (citing portions of hymn #1159 in Hymns)


Festac, Lagos State, Nigeria

I'm in love with the most intimate One.

Eliezer Longaquit C.

Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada

I'm rejoicing in You Lord Jesus...

I'm in love with You as the most beautiful One.


NY, United States

“Nothing but love can keep us in a proper relationship with the Lord... ” WL

A Sister

CA, United States

You are the most intimate, affectionate and beautiful One.


Florida, United States

Oh Lord Jesus there is no one like You in this entire universe. You are the only One who can attract us with Your Love.

Joshua Chang

Walnut, CA, United States

Lord, in Your love bring us from just our satisfaction to the church, Your satisfaction!

Billy Manashi

San Jose, CA, United States

For those of y’all getting married, bookmark this song. It’s good for weddings.

Avi Doll

Odessa, TX, United States

I’m in love with the most beautiful, affectionate, intimate One! 💙