Lord, keep my heart open and soft toward You

  Lord, keep my heart open and soft toward You.
Lord, draw my eyes to see nothing else but You.
  Whatever may happen,
I know You want to gain my heart.
Though I may not understand,
Just keep dispensing into my every part.
  Make me a believer
By looking at You.
Standing on Your Word,
Faithful and true.
(Parts 1 & 2 may be sung together, then join last verse in unison.)
angela finnie

Spokane, Wa, United States

Amen! No matter what happens, the Lord just wants to gain our hearts! Lord, meet us in our circumstances and in our daily life that You would gain our hearts fully!! Don't let us go! Keep reminding us though we may not understand and we may get discouraged, You are there waiting. Amen!

Regan Ryan

Hamilton, New Zealand

This song is so sweet, it fills my heart with love and appreciation of what the Lord has done for me. At my high school I talk to students who have grown up without Christ and they all have such sad stories to tell. The Lord has really kept me and just by looking at Him I can enjoy His grace, I think that is so amazing. Thank You Lord!!! Gracias Seor, te amo ti!!!

Ellisa Ting

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I first heard and learned this when I was in the valley. The words touched me so much, it became my prayer to the Lord; especially "made me a believer". How we need the Lord to come once again, appear to us, be our believing.

Isaac Daniel

Vitoria, Vitoria/ ES, Brazil

Aleluia! Esse deve ser minha oracao. Que o Senhor me atraia, cada dia mais, com a Sua belaza, e me faca um vaso aberto ao dispensar de Suas riquezas! Me conformando a Sua imagem.


Becca Yeaman

OKCity, United States

I learned this song in such a sweet way. A sister was having a hard day and she called me and left me a message singing this song. She told me that she enjoyed that even if we don't understand...whatever may happen, it's for the Lord to gain our heart. Praise the Lord!

Bekah Kievlan

United States

The last time I sang this one of the young sisters had fractured her ankle and we were all gathered around the couch singing songs from the young people's song book to comfort her until they could take her to the ambulance. It was a very sweet time.

babes luman-ag

Davao City, Davao Del Sur, Philippines

It touches my heart. Amen! Praise the Lord!

dorothy contreras

Austin, Texas, United States

The world around me keeps changing in ways I don't understand. It saddens me with nothing in sight. Oh yes but there is hope! My Lord is the constant One always true and faithful. Lord Jesus I love You and yes Lord, I trust You.

Riselda Gasler

The Church In Long Beach, CA, United States

This song reminds me about our dear Bro. Tom Engel who went to be with the LORD. The Last time he attended the meeting he sang this song to the Church in Long Beach. This was his favorite song. He kept on singing this song. Though his physical body was weakening his spirit was so fresh and even refresh the saints who are visiting him. I believe every word of this song uplifted his spirit and even supplied the saints around him.

Whenever I sing this song, I am ushered into my spirit. This song became a prayer of mine too. Praise the LORD.

We also sang this song during his memorial.


Phoenix, Arizona, United States

It has a sad feeling and somewhat good feeling also. When I first heard this song it touched me deeply and it made me feel how precious the Lord really is. Amen!