Now on the last day

Now on the last day, (Now on the last day,)
The great day, (The great day,)
The day of the feast, (The day of the feast,)
The day of the feast, (The day of the feast,)
Jesus stood (Jesus stood)
And cried out (And cried out)
If anyone thirsts
let him come to Me...
If anyone thirsts, (If anyone thirsts,)
Let him come to Me (Let him come to Me)
And drink, and drink, and drink.
Dan Chen

Urbana, IL, United States

The God of this universe is so desperate for us to come to Him and take a drink, Jesus CRIED out. What a heart our Lord has for us! His thought is just that we would turn away from all vanity and come to Him and drink Him as our genuine reality.

Isaiah 55:8 has an awesome footnote on this.


Cupertino, California, United States

Lord, You satisfy all our thirst! Even after we achieve all our worldly goals, we will always be thirsty because the world does not satisfy our thirst. We need life's quenching, which is a Person, Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord!

Irene Cortes

Munich, Germany

Let us come to Him and drink!!

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me.

Andrew Dina

Cambridge, MA, United States

The last day of the feast means the last day of something that you thought would satisfy you. On the last day we find that we are still empty inside. At that moment, the Lord calls to us and says, "Come to me and drink!" When we come to Him and drink Him, we can be fully satisfied!

Lord, keep us coming to You and drinking!