Come bless the Lord

  Brothers: (Sisters:)
Come bless the Lord, (Come bless the Lord,)
All ye servants of the Lord, (All ye servants of the Lord,)
Who stand by night, (Who stand by night,)
In the house of the Lord. (In the house of the Lord.)
Lift up your hands, (Lift up your hands,)
In the Holy Place, (In the Holy Place,)
And bless the Lord. (And bless the Lord.)
And bless the Lord. (And bless the Lord.)
Oluwaseun Bakare

Stirling, Western Australia, Australia

In the midst of this Corona pandemic, this is the appropriate response by believers.

We are in Goshen and there is a lifting up, not a casting down.

Dr Peters

Lagos, Lagos State

This is one of my favorite night vigil songs that energizes the Purpose and the Participants