The Church of God—we are the church

The Church of God—we are the church,
So important to God’s great plan;
Organic, full of God’s rich life,
We’re born into the living church.
Essence, nature of God, not man,
The foundation is Christ, Himself.
The glorious church the glorious church
Is God expressed. Is God expressed.
We need to see the House of God,
The Assembly of called out ones,
God’s masterpiece and His Kingdom,
His counterpart; her purpose is
Satisfaction and rest in love.
It’s God’s desire that Christ may have
A bride, a wife, a bride, a wife
Eternally. Eternally.
The One New Man has Christ our Lord
As a Person, expressing God,
Subdues Satan for God’s purpose.
Body of Christ with Christ our Head,
Supplying us with His riches;
Many members, all functioning,
Yet all are one, yet all are one
With Christ as life. With Christ as life.
Hallelujah! The two aspects:
Universal and the local church.
The local ground preserves oneness;
Genuine oneness will be obtained.
One fellowship and one teaching
Throughout the earth, universal
Body expressed, body expressed
Locally. Locally.
Learn the lesson from church hist’ry
Of the failures we must avoid;
Degradation we fight against,
Recov’ring from divisive ground
To the oneness of the Body;
Returning to what God’s revealed.
Lord build in us, Lord build in us
The Kingdom life. The Kingdom life.
We believers have been renewed,
Must grow in life and be matured,
Perfected as overcomers
So that we as the builded church,
The corporate Bride, will consummate
All in the New Jerusalem—
Fulfilling God’s, fulfilling God’s
Eternal plan! Eternal plan!