Lord, I love You, Lord, I need You

Lord, I love You, Lord, I need You,
You’re the One, the One I need,
To live this life, Lord, I need You always;
By Your presence, Lord, take lead.
Lord, look into me,
And infuse me
To walk by the strength of Your eyes.
Lord embrace me,
Bear me in You,
Deep in Your love I hide.
And when I’m weak, Lord, and can’t go on more,
Lift my eyes to gaze on You;
Speak softly to me, Come in, subdue me;
In Your strength, Lord, take me through.
Deidre Johnson

Long Beach, CA, United States

“To live this life Lord, I need You always; …And when I’m weak Lord, …Lift my eyes…”

Elsie Turner

Gig Harbor, WA, United States

Lord, You are our hiding place and we take refuge under the shadow of your wings. Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light. We enjoy You as the One whom we love and the One who loves us, carrying us through every situation moment by moment, day after day.

Elizabeth Kremer

Fort Worth, TX, United States

And when I'm weak Lord, and can't go on more

Lift my eyes, to gaze on you

Speak softly to me Lord, come in subdue me, by your strength, Lord take me through.


Shoreline, WA, United States

To live this life, Lord, I need You always.

Dorothy Hciks

Columbia, MD, United States

I love this song because it connects me, exactly, to the way I feel about the Lord. It reaches deep into my soul, and my spirit, giving words to express my deep yearning to be with Him, to be kept in Him, and to be held by Him..

Angel Vattakunnel

Austin, Texas, United States

Lord I love You! Lord I need You! You are the Only One I need! Keep leading me, and infuse more of Yourself into me! In Your deep love I hide! Lord Jesus I love You!


Portland, OR, United States

Praise the Lord Jesus wants to be ever-increasing in us!!


Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Oh Lord Jesus.

When I'm weak Lord, and can't go on more;

Lift my eyes to gaze on You. Embrace me, bear me and subdue me. Lord I love You and You're the One I only need.

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

Lord, I love You. Lord, I need You.


Tbilisi, Georgia

Lord You are so precious, special. Thank You Lord, I LOVE YOU TO THE UTTERMOST! <3