Oh listen to a story of abounding grace

Oh listen to a story of abounding grace
Of how our God came down to earth to join the human race
And through His kind intention, He came up with a plan
That He Himself might be expressed by dispensing into man.
  Oh what a kind intention, oh what abounding grace
How our God came down to earth to join the human race
It surely was a mystery so deep we could not trace
That we might be to the praise of the glory of His grace.
For God had predetermined, by His counsel and His will
That man might be a vessel, which He Himself would fill
And so for this He chose us, back in eternity
And He predestinated us His very sons to be.
His task, it was not easy, it surely took much grace
When on the earth He first appeared, a man in time and space
And then for thirty-three long years, He lived out God in Man
That He might fully carry out all of the Father’s plan.
At the end of His lifetime, He did a wondrous thing
Went to the cross and shed His blood, redemption to win
This brought us into favour, into a blessed place
For God forgave our offenses by the riches of His grace.
Now in the application, the Spirit’s moving in
Applying all the Son has done, forgiving all our sin
He’s sealing God into us, full sonship to bring
Oh, this is the mystery of the universe, and this is why we sing.
Steve Miller

Detroit, Michigan, United States

What a sweet, enjoyable song that teaches the full gospel from the book of Ephesians. You can sing the chorus as the 2nd verse if you want, so then there would be no chorus.

Leonie Mostert

What a lovely jolly song, would love to have the acapella notes.