Immersed in Thy love

Immersed in Thy love;
Fresher than morning dew;
Here I’m kept away from every earthly care.
Such tender feeling;
Caressed by my Beloved;
You’re the loveliest, much fairer than the fair.
  Moments with You,
How affectionate!
Now I seize this opportunity to say
That I love You.
I will be with You all my days, come what may.
I cannot help it,
I’m so in love with You;
For I’ve tasted Your divine heavenly wine.
I’m soaked with Thy love,
I pour my all on You.
What my future holds for me, my Lord are Thine.
I’m so attracted
By Your constraining love,
And Your Name is sweet as ointment poured forth.
I’m captivated
By Your dear Person, Lord.
Draw me from this age to pursue only You...
Mercy Grace Cabural

Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

Praise the Lord for His rich love toward us. May we always grab every opportunity to boldly say to Him that we love Him. Christ is the only One worthy for our LOVE.

Michal Mamintas Prater

Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines

I really praise the Lord for this song that touches me so much because when I heard it I feel that the Lord is so near to me and so sweet. Immersed in Thy love, I will love You and I will be with You all my days come what may. Amen.


Iligan CIty, Lanao Del NOrte, Philippines

I cannot help it. I'm so in love with You. Thank the Lord for His love for us that constrain us to love Him back. This song refreshes me every time I heard this and every time the saints sang this. I feel the Lord's attracting and captivating love. May we all love the Lord and be one with His heart's desire! Amen...


Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

Moments with My Lord is so affectionate, so sweet, so wonderful and so full of enjoyment...

Saints let us grab every opportunity to enjoy the Lords appearing....

Amen... Praise the Lord...

jezreel flores

L.A, United States

Moments with You Lord, how affectionate...

I really really really love this song even my sisters because every time we heard this song we feel the love of the Lord so much for us.

kevin lee

Dipolog Citry, Philippines

I love this and by constraining love amen


Fremont, California, United States

O Lord Jesus we love You.

emarden p. octo

Pagadian, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines


jhovanissa Aclao

Pagadian City, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

I love very much this song because when I hear this song I feel so in love with Him. Lord, I love You so much, because without HIM my life is really NOTHING. AMEN.

Rosedel Rosas

Iligan, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

"God delights in our loving Him, for this is good to Him. Just as it is profitable for us to believe in the Lord and have eternal life, so God wants us to love Him as well as to believe in Him; for loving Him is God's gain too." (Watchman N., Grace for grace)

1 John 2:15 says, "Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in him." For us to really forsake the world, we must have something better in our heart. God has not demanded that we cast away anything; He instead puts before us the more excellent. For the sake of possessing the more excellent, we naturally will forsake many lesser things. May we possess and love this excellent One - Christ.

Cebuano Translation of this hymn

Natugob's gugma

Lunhaw pa sa yamog

Dinhi malayo ko's yutan-ong butang

Malomong pagbati

Hapuhap's minahal

Labaw kang hiligugmaon ug matahum

Uban nimo pagkatam-is g'yud

Karon buot kong isulti kanimo

Gimahal ka nako

Magpabilin ko nimo

Sa tanan kong adlaw.

Di ko mapugngan

Kining gibati ko

Kay natilawan kong langitnong bino

Nahumol's gugma

Ibubo kong tanan

Kaugmaon ko ikaw ra Ginoo.