Calling, O Lord Jesus

Calling, “O Lord Jesus!”
Oh, it makes our spirit strong!
We can really touch Him,
And our gloom is turned to song!
Don’t listen to Satan, with all His distraction;
Just turn to your spirit, and spring into action!
Calling, “O Lord Jesus!”
You’ll enjoy Him all day long!
Wendy :) Risso

United States

We can really touch Him!

Lydia Liu

Hamilton, New Zealand

This is such a great song :D Even though I knew this song since I was...five? anyway, I remember singing it in the children's meeting. Recently, in a prayer meeting an elder brother broke out in this song, and it was just so fresh! Even though this is categorised as a children's song, it really helps us through the day :) Praise the Lord!




Dora Yao

Long Island, New York, United States

I learned this song this past Lord's Day. A brother taught it to the 2's and 3's class which I serve. I was rejoicing to learn such a simple song that can usher me into my spirit. It is with the simplicity of the mind of child that sometimes we can draw closer to the Lord. I have sang this little tune so many times this week...and I have to say: yes! it's true...O Lord Jesus! Calling on Your name is our salvation...moment by by day... Thank You!


Croswell, Michigan, United States

This song was a favorite when I cared for the children. The children really loved it and it is an encouragement we can really touch Him!! All day long!!!!

Our gloom is turned to song. This song is a part of my heart and makes me smile every time I hear it. I remember the little ones doing the motions and how they lit up.

Call oh Lord Jesus He does make our Spirit strong!!!!!!!!!

In a message to come we shall point out that since we are already in the spirit, there is no need for us to get into the spirit. Rather, we should simply remain in the spirit. Thus, instead of turning to the spirit, we should stay in the spirit. Many times we have sung, "Turn to your spirit." It is better to change the words of this hymn and sing, "Stay in your spirit." Hallelujah, we have the processed Triune God as a law within us, and we have a regenerated spirit! As long as we stay in the spirit, this law works in us automatically.