Love covers all things and believes all things

Love covers all things and believes all things,
Love hopes in all things and endures all things.
Love never falls away and won’t be rendered useless.
But other things will pass away.
Life is the element of God, who’s love;
Hence God as life is shown by love, through you.
Don’t neglect love, but pursue it first;
Love makes a person spiritual.
Love suffers long and love is kind, so kind,
Love does not brag, is not puffed up,
Love rejoices when God’s truth is manifest,
Love is the element of God.
If I speak in tongues, but do not love, I am
Like sounding brass giving lifeless sounds, not life.
If I know all mysteries but do not love my brother,
I have no love and am nothing.
Dhebe Chavez

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Love makes a person spiritual because Christ Himself is love in us. The ultimate result: a normal spiritual Christian living. Wow!

audre kohinor Ramirez

Bayawancity, Negros Oriental, Philippines

I like this song because it reminds us that love is not limited, love covers everything. We must spread Love.


Taguig, Philippines

Lord, we praise You for You are our love, Who cover our shame. Lord, You are our real love who covers everything.

jorjean aplaon

Pagadian, Philippines

Amen. Praise the Lord. No other true source of love but the unconditional and infinite love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Geraldine Jumawan

Ozamiz City, Misamis Occ., Philippines

I've been really touched by this song because it shows how really big is the love of the Lord for us. Even the highest mountain and the deepest sea can't measure it. It covers all things. It hopes, endures and is never selfish.


Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia


mercy subeldia

United States

I love this song because my mind is enlightened by it. Now I know the real meaning of love.. Love must cover all things, believe and endure all things. Other things will pass away but LOVE never falls away and won't be useless. How nice it is!

Brothers and sisters, we must know that the root of LOVE is God Himself, so "God is love!" Don't neglect love but pursue it.


I just heard the song in the wedding of a brother and a sister here in our province and it touches my heart so much. It really take to the uttermost of enjoying Him in this song.