O that Christ may make His home

  O that Christ may make His home my heart,
Spread Himself in every part!
Saturate and life impart!
That with all saints, I may apprehend
All the vast dimensions of my loving Christ.
Father God, forgive me if I groan;
For so long I’ve been on a plateau.
Now with tears, I bow my knees and pray
By Your Spirit make my spirit strong today.
As I came this morning to Your word
With no strength to even read a verse;
Yet my plea, is “Lord, I do need You!”
How You strengthen me, Your power within to prove.
I myself was losing heart each day;
Then the Lord brought some saints my own way;
I alone could not Thee apprehend
But with all the saints You now my joy have been.
All these years I’ve come the church to know,
Yet O Lord, there’re things I can’t let go;
Yet within me there is an “Amen”;
O now joy I never knew in me’s flowin’.
Esther Lee

Seattle, WA, United States

I like how uplifting this tune is despite the desperate tone of the verses. Hehe. Catchy tune, easy to learn, and a good way turn ourselves back to Him as our source and supply!

David Chong

Kucing, Sarawak, Malaysia

We had a glorious Bible-reading session on Ephesians and thoroughly enjoyed singing this hymn as a conclusion to our gathering with several Nigerian brothers studying here in Kuching. Praise Him for all the saints with whom we can apprehend His full dimensions!

Simon Tay

Penang, Malaysia

I came upon this song while searching for hymns and it instantly ministered to me. I was touched with tears welling up in my eyes. Thank God for the saints with whom we can be strong to apprehend the awesome dimensions of Christ.