God made me to be a man

God made me to be a man.
I’m so glad I’m in His plan.
He chose me before the world began—
I’m so happy that I’m a man.
Look at the many items in the
Heaven and earth we see;
Billions of things that He has made;
It’s all for you and me.
I am a vessel made by God,
Predestined as His son to be;
He chose me way back
In eternity.
Satan came to corrupt man,
And spoil God’s wonderful plan.
But our God took on the flesh of man
To die for weak, sinful man.
I never thought the
Mighty God became a man like me,
To put on flesh and blood
And lay aside His glory.
He took up all our sins
Upon His body to a tree
To redeem us from our sins,
We’re now set free!
Christ came in my deepest part—
Into my spirit and heart.
He came in to never leave apart,
Now we have a fresh, new start.
Christ came into my spirit
Very, very deep within.
Simply by calling on His name
I have experienced Him.
Christ is my life and person now
In resurrection.
Oh, just call on Him,
He’ll fill you to the brim!
Fill, fill, fill! I’m full of Him.
Joy, joy, joy! Overflowing.
Love, love, love! Coming from Him within.
Oh, I have touched the King!
M Eades

MA, United States

This is the meaning of my human life, everyday I am alive! O Lord Jesus! Fill me with Your life and person today.