I am young and I’m in love

I am young and I’m in love
With the One Who is from above.
All my days are just for Him.
All my being I open to Him.
  Jesus, You love me.
You took my place in Calvary.
Jesus, You love me.
You gave Your life to save me.
Others try the world and sin,
But for me — I only want Him.
Lord Your beauty has captured my heart.
Now I give You every part.
  Jesus, I love You;
No other one compares to You.
Jesus, I love You;
My all and life I give to You.
Jesus now is living in me.
We’ll be mingled as one entity.
God’s good pleasure His Bride we’ll be
As His wife for eternity.
  Hallelujah! We’re in love!
God loving us and we love Him.
Hallelujah! We’re in love!
His masterpiece the New Jerusalem.
Alice Chiang

Irving, TX, U.S.A.

Lord I am open to You. I give all my days and every part of me to You. Lord I love You!

Arjane Ann Corpuz

Iligan, Philippines

Praise the Lord that we are young and we are in love!!! Not with anything else but the Lord Himself!! Brothers and sisters, young people, we must give ourselves to love the Lord!!no other way is prevailing, so sweet, so rich and so full of enjoyment!!!

Jonathan Karr

The Church As The Shining Lampstand In Denver

Oh how I love You Lord Jesus! I'm truly in love! Saints how sweet is the Lord's love! All we can do is love Him back! Every day we need to tell the Lord we Love Him as our dear bridegroom! OH LORD JESUS I LOVE YOU!

Mary Cee

The world is nothing. But we ARE young and we ARE in love! With the Lord! The One who loved us and took our place at Calvary for He loved us. We don't want sin, we want Him!