And He showed me a river

And He showed me a river
Of water of life,
Bright as crystal,
Proceeding out
Of the throne of God
And of the Lamb.
And Thou shalt make them to drink
Of the river of Thy pleasures.
There is a river,
The streams whereof make glad.
The city of God.
She shall not be moved.
God shall help her.
God’s in her midst.
They shall be abundantly satisfied
With the fatness of Thy house.

Wellington, New Zealand

Praise the Lord saints There is a river,

The streams whereof make glad!

Nelson Liu

Boston, MA, United States

They shall be abundantly satisfied!!


Welly, New Zealand

There is a new song in the blue book almost exactly same words as this and it has a new tune but I can't find it anywhere (a friend showed me it and I memorised half of it but don't know the rest of the tune)


Newington, CT, United States

Praise the Lord for showing us the River of water of life and for flowing thru His Body to give us this lovely hymn so we could jump in!


Fairfax, VA, United States

My name in chinese means big river and I'm a girl, so I'm happy I could hear this song.

Rosita Enriquez

United States

This River has reached us! Hallelujah!!!!


Fort Worth, TX, United States

There is nothing like a sweet hymn to turn you to the Lord.

John Guo

Irvine, California, United States

Such a wonderful song. Amen.

Virgilio Pacis

Laguna, Calamba, Philippines

I like this song of Howard because of these very penetrating words.

Sis LC

Auckland, New Zealand

Rev 22:1 says “and he showed me…” He showed me!

When I sang this today, the word “showed” stood out to me. In revelations 21, one of the seven angels said to John, “Come here; I will show you the bride, the wife of the lamb”, and he showed John the holy city, then revelations 22 goes on to say “and he showed me a river of water of life…” Aren’t we blessed we have ones showing us things! The entire bible is showing us, revealing to us, making visible to us what we cannot otherwise see.

We are so blessed to have a God who is showing us what’s on His heart. It’s cherishing to have someone show us things. Just like it’s cherishing for a parent to teach their kids new things. We often take it for granted. I don’t want to take my God for granted! We have a God who is pouring out Himself to us. He has revealed His heart to us and even wrote it all in a book! Lord, empty us so that we can receive all that You are showing us today. Turn our hearts to You, so that when you’re showing us something, we won’t walk away! We won’t shut our ears to Your speaking! Lord, keep us open to You, so that we're ready to receive what You've been wanting to show us!