The love of God and the grace of Christ

  The love of God and the grace of Christ
And fellowship of the Holy Spirit
Be with you, be with you all,
Be with you all, be with you all.
  From the throne of our God and the Lamb
Flows a river of water of life,
Bright as crystal, reaching man.
Miguel Lagos

Las Condes, Región Metropolitana, Chile


Esta es la esencia y él dínamo de nuestra vida de iglesia,

El disfrute del Dios Triuno!!!


Houston, Texas, United States

Book : Perfecting Training

Chapter 52 section 2/3 digital book

CWWL 1980


As the Lord’s children, we just have to love Him and to be one with Him. We have to live the Lord Jesus. Also we have to set our heart on the Lord’s interest. We have to tell the Lord, “Lord, on this entire earth I have no other interest. My unique interest and desire is You. I love You because You love me. I want to live You. I want to live under Your instant and momentary leading. ” This is basic. Dear saints, if you do not make such a basic decision, you can never have the Lord’s leading. You must have such a basic decision. You must tell the Lord, “Lord, thank You, You have chosen me, You have predestinated me, You have called me, You have saved me, You have regenerated me, You have brought me to this day, and You have preserved me. Thank You, Lord, by Your mercy and grace I love You. Besides You I have no interests, no desire. I just want to live You, living under Your momentary leading. ” Dear saints, this is more than basic. If you have not made such a basic decision, you do not need to talk about the leading. You are not in the position to have the Lord’s leading. You must make such a decision.

Marina Sianez

OKC, United States

Precious Triune God, we praise You for reaching out to us! Praise You for drawing us to You in Your abounding love! Praise You for gracing us with Your lovely son Jesus! Praise You for keeping us in the fellowship of Your life-giving Spirit! We love You Lord!!!

Stephanie Cooley

Roseville, California, United States

... reaching man!!! .... from the throne of God!

Sam Liu

New York City, NY, United States

We sang this song with the students who will start their Summer next week. No matter where they will be during the summer; internship, visiting, traveling, or else; the love of God and the grace of Christ and fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with them all.


Gainesville, FL, United States

This song is so good, I love singing it!!!!

Nathan Reilly

Abbotsford, BC, Canada

I am praising Him, my Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! My only true and loyal Son of God, who had bled and died, He's also a living water of life, becoming a living bright crystal, shining forth His wonders, into man, into his vessel, fit and knitted together, as a sea-glass vessel, that has made from God. formed into His marvelous City, NEW JERUSALEM

Ryan Danek

United States

This is the way


Texas, United States

Lord thank you that you want to be with us.

Rinnah Chew

Round Rock, TX, United States

Oh the Lord is with us all!