Lord, I’ve set my heart

Lord, I’ve set my heart; Lord, I just love You.
Beside You I have no other desire.
Lord, I just like to live You.
  Lord, I love You because You love me.
I just like to live You,
And be under Your instant moment by moment leading.
On the entire earth, in the whole universe,
I have no int’rest or other desire:
My desire is only You.
Thank You, dearest Lord; You’ve predestinated me.
You’ve called me and saved me and, Lord, preserved me.
You have brought me, Lord, to this day.

Kampala, Uganda

Lord I have set my heart, Lord I desire only You. Keep drawing me and my fellow brothers and sisters-the saints, draw us, we will run after You.

Alondra Vargas

Anaheim, California, United States

Lord, You are my Savior and I'm so glad I came to Your path. This song inspires me.