God’s Kingdom on the earth is now


Calapan City, Mindoro, Philippines

3. The Lord enthroned within our hearts

His Kingdom doth establish there,

Assuring His full right to reign

And for God's purpose to prepare.

He wants to gain, what He can not gain in the world...our hearts and our submission in love. May His kingdom come on earth as it is in the heavens..Lord Jesus, we love You!


Shreveport, Louisiana, United States

The kingdom of God is a sphere of grace under His ruling. God exercises His authority so that He may express His glory to fulfill His purpose. Praise Him.

Juan Carlos Plaul

Lanus, Bs As, Argentina

Amen brother!!!

Gary Lim

Dublin, Ireland

Praise The Lord. Christ lives in me and Christ reigns in me.

Faustina Wayoe

Toronto, Ontario

I like how this song is put together...yes Lord rule and reign in me. Also govern all my words and deeds and regulate my inward parts. Hallelujah!




Jacksonville, Florida, United States

I want to experience this hymn in reality in my daily living for Your house, oh Lord, for Your city, for Your name, oh Lord! Lord, what is ruling my heart? Lord Jesus I want You to rule my heart and reign in me! Govern all my words and deeds and regulate my inward parts. Your Kingdom, oh Lord, Amen!