Lord, lay some soul upon my heart

Lord, lay some soul upon my heart,
  And love that soul through me;
And may I bravely do my part
  To win that soul for Thee.
  Some soul for Thee, some soul for Thee,
  This is my earnest plea;
Help me each day, on life’s highway,
    To win some soul for Thee.
Lord, lead me to some soul in sin,
  And grant that I may be
Endued with power and love to win
  That soul, dear Lord, for Thee.
To win that soul for Thee, my Lord,
  Will be my constant prayer;
That when I’ve won Thy full reward
  I’ll with that dear one share.
Cheryl Beton

Hillsboro Beach, FL, United States

Evangelism Explosion equips people to bring others to Jesus. If every Christian brought 7 people to Jesus, the world would be saved and the Great Commission obeyed.

Wilhelm Falk

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Praise the LORD for this wonderful song. After I finally got saved, Thank tou LORD for your grace and goodness, We (wife and me) learned this song. Well as you have it the Lord used us to tell the Good News - Jesus saves. Hw led us to Germany as His witness. We sing that wonderful song as we are witnessing to the people here - They ALL need JESUS.

Rhee Il-Bae

Hongcheon County Seoul Korea, South Korea

When I was 17 I received Jesus my Lord in my heart. My Christian mento, who share the gospel of grace as a staff of Korea Navigators, teach me this song. What a lovely song it is! and it encouraged me to pray for the list souls and to witness my Lord Jesus to the souls. Thank you very much.