Will you be an overcomer


San Pablo, Laguna, Philippines

I love this hymn because I really want to be an overcomer. I want to be the firstfruit for the Lord's satisfaction! Amen! I'm making this choice now! BE AN OVERCOMER!


Sta.rosa, Laguna, Philippines


I want to become an overcomer, as first fruit and a living overcomer!!! serving and loving the Lord!!! faithful till the end!!! never let the first love and the best love fade..!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Alvin Lo

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Me too!

This song's chorus has different meanings in different languages. In Chinese and Japanese the chorus is:

"Will You be an overcomer, satisfy Lord's want?

Lord is calling, Lord is calling, for You to get the crown."

In Spanish it is:

"Are You among the overcomers, follow in pursuit?

Christ's calling, Christ's calling, listen to His voice!"

I want to be an overcomer because...

1. I want to make a smart choice.

2. I want to get the crown.

3. I love to follow Him.

4. I love to listen to His voice.

5. Most importantly, because I love Him and wants to satisfy His wants by accomplishing His economy.

Esteban Morales

Santa Ana, California, United States

Yes! I will be an overcomer! OH LORD JESUS!


Houston, Texas, United States

Yes! I will be an overcomer! I will make this choice! Amen!