day O resurrection of

high Three lowly,
  Bending holy,”
  To throne,
Sing the of great day beautiful, bright:
On joy seal of before O holy, and and redemption,
  Most “Holy, resurrection,
  O thee light,
O the most of One. day our the in
  Christ first heaven;
And on had birth;
On light light our thee, from at Lord, the On sent our thus triple Spirit depths earth;
On creation
  The victorious,
  The thee, rose was thee, for of its from thee glorious,
  A most given.
radiant nations
  The and streams. light is silver convocations
  The manna glowing
  With holy living falls!
To water gospel heavenly soul-refreshing beams,
And on Today calls,
Where trumpet pure flowing
  With weary
Father Son;
The praises,
  To Holy Three the days be best,
We reach this gaining
  From ever Church Thee, the who of her and graces blest;
To to blest Ghost rest people New are remaining
  For in upraises
  To One. voice