Jesus waits for you, hoping you will come

Jesus waits for you, hoping you will come
  In the years that you are giv’n.
Jesus calls again, through repentance come
  To enjoy the peace of heav’n.
  He is calling, calling; hear Him calling now,
  That you might His grace receive;
He is able, willing, waiting to redeem,
  Ready that you might believe.
You’ve been wandering, wand’ring for some ways,
  Sinking in the grip of sin.
Yet He’s patient still, patient as He sways,
  Weary hearts He wants to win.
Many times He called, though you’ve turned away;
  He is caring still for you.
He will not allow His love to be swayed
  As He urges you anew.
To His call submit, find His love your home;
  Jesus now yet waits for you.
He is calling still, “Unto Me now come.”
  Answer to Him, “Yes, I do.”