He is the joy of joys

He is the joy of joys;
My thirst He satisfied.
He is the Song of songs;
We mutually abide.
Fairest of all the fair;
He pleases me in full.
Noble of nobles, He
My prize unmatchable.
Life of all lives is He;
From death He makes me rise.
Holy of holies, from
The world He sanctifies.
Righteous of righteous ones,
In Him I stand each day.
He is the Strength of strengths,
Refreshing on the way.
He, as the Pow’r of pow’rs,
Renews with eagles’ wings;
Vict’ry of victories,
O’er all my foes He brings.
Able of able ones,
My being He sets free;
He is the Might of mights,
In spirit strength’ning me.
He is the King of kings,
Who now reigns in my heart;
He is the Light of lights,
Illum’ning every part.
He is the Lord of lords,
He now lives in my heart;
He is the Way of ways,
Who every step does chart.
Healing of healings, He
Cures spirit, body, soul;
Wonder of wonders, He;
I’ll share His glory full.
Hope of all hopes is He,
Drawing my heart above;
The greatest prize to me,
He guides my steps in love.
He is the Love of loves,
Worthy to be adored;
Patience of patience He,
Worthy of praise outpoured.
Greatest of all the great,
My adulations raise;
Glory of glories He,
Deserving all my praise.
John T. C. Kan

Chicago, IL, United States

The final word of the martyred Watchman Nee was I”I have kept my JOY”. What the joy he had kept are these twenty four faithful items in this hymn. May we all keep this Joy of joys, Christ is our everything!

Yohan Yosef

Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines

Lord Jesus, You are the joy of joys.

Remind me Lord of every outward joy. Cause my heart not to be drifted. Cause my heart not to veiled. Cause my heart not to be deceived.

Behind every person, matter or situation, the real joy is just You oh Lord. You are the reality of every need and every virtue. Thank You Lord for this hymn, for reminding me. Fully-Christ-centered.


Cheney, WA, United States

This dear hymn is fully Christ-centered and brings you right into your spirit worshipping and kissing the Son when sung!

Frank Pytel

Chicago, Illinois, United States

This One is the First and the Last, and in all things this One holds the first place! He is preeminent!