The chief Cornerstone Thou art, Lord


Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States

What an encouragement and a great truth! Praise the Lord!

Alzira Rosa

Teresópolis, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Maravilhoso site gostei muito!


Cheney, WA, United States

This week I read this paragraph out of Life Study of the Psalms p. 439 by Witness Lee: “We come to the hardest point in the Bible— Christ as the cornerstone. Who would think that Christ would be the cornerstone? Prior to the Psalms there is not a verse which speaks of Christ as the cornerstone. Then, all of a sudden, Psalm 118: 22 says, “The stone which the builders rejected / Has become the head of the corner. ”

Then I sang this hymn and realized what a wonderful revelation we have in the Bible of Christ being the chief cornerstone and we, His believers, also being living stones for God’s building!