O Lord, I’ve grieved Thy Holy Spirit

O Lord, I’ve grieved Thy Holy Spirit,
Loose, rebellious, cold to Thee;
Still, all my sinning and backsliding
Never yet have wearied Thee!
  More of Thy Holy Spirit grant us;
Shine and burn increasingly;
Come, Thine own self as life supply us,
Thus to pray unceasingly.
Oh, how Thy Spirit long has waited
While my heart was slowly turned;
How oft Thy heart of love I’ve slighted,
While for me it grieved and burned.
Lord, now Thy Spirit is within me;
I enthrone Thee as my Lord;
Cause me, O dearest Lord, to tremble
At Thy least and slightest word.
Lord, even though today we cannot
Love Thee as Thou lovest us,
If Thou my cold, weak heart wouldst kindle,
It won’t stay forever thus.
Cielito Sio

Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines

God in His economy, produces the new man whose life and person is Christ.

The Lord brings us into His death and resurrection and ascension so that we may be replaced with Christ. Often when we receive revelation from the Lord, our self is exposed. Thus the Lord warns us against stumbling and charges us to watch and pray! We should not trust in our natural, old man. We must be replaced by and with Christ. (from the LS of Mark Message 45)

"Oh more of Thy Spirit grant us, shine and burn unceasingly! Come, Thine own self as life supply us, thus to pray unceasingly.