The law of God is holy, good

The law of God is holy, good,
To practise good it doth command;
Its purpose is to clearly show
That we cannot meet God’s demand.
Yet in our mind there is a law
Which always tries the good to do;
But in our members is a law
Which always doth this law subdue.
The law within our mind is good,
’Tis of our human life obtained
At our creation from the Lord,
That good behavior be maintained.
The law within our members is
The evil of satanic life;
Into our members at the fall
It came thru Satan’s subtle strife.
This evil law of Satan is
The law of sin, in us its seat;
’Tis stronger than the law of good
And always brings it to defeat.
But in our spirit is a law,
Which is the Spirit’s law of life;
’Tis of the very life of God
Which we from our rebirth derive.
This law divine the strongest is,
Transcending all the others o’er;
From sin’s law freeing, it fulfills
The full requirement of God’s law.
We then must always set our mind
Upon the spirit deep within,
And not upon the things of flesh,
The body ruined by the sin.
To set the mind upon the flesh
Is sin and death and darkest night;
The mind upon the spirit set
Is life and peace and full of light.
This is the way of true release!
This is the way of victory!
Lord, may we in the spirit live,
And by the Spirit walk with Thee.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

志維 林

台北, Taiwan