The Story of Faith

When first I came here, they spoke of Jesus,
Such things I never had heard before,
But in my heart was a new sensation,
Past explanation, such peace and warmth.
My former troubles, all but forgotten,
I left the bondage of earth unconsciously.
I saw their faces, so pure and gen’uine,
My heart said, “Truly God is here!”
They said God wanted to get inside me,
My life, my Savior, if I’d allow;
I’d never seen Him, I’d never known Him,
I only knew this: “I need Him now!”
So with a pure heart I turned my being,
Called, “O, Lord Jesus!” Asked Him to save me.
No other name is so sweet, so lovely;
From that day forth, so real to me!
No more encumb’rance, true rest I enter,
No condemnation, I’m justified,
Joined to the Savior, my life forever,
I live to God now, by faith have life;
In Christ I glory, in Christ rejoicing,
I’m one with Him, as a new creation,
This is the story of my salvation,
Such wond’rous love, such wond’rous song!

Houston, Texas, United States

This is my story of salvation.

I need Him now! O, Lord Jesus save me! I'm joined to the Savior, my life forever. To Him be the glory forever amen


Doha, Qatar

What a song! What a story of faith! God has entered into me... Hallelujah!

I'd never seen Him, I'd never known Him

I only knew this: "I need Him now" what a faith!

This is my salvation! Praise the Lord. Amen!

Thomas pashel

Shillong, Maghalaya

wonderful song I like