All is in Christ

All is in Christ;
  God’s dear Son is Lord of all.
Jesus Christ is life’s perfection,
  Perfect love and perfect light.
Son of God, the true reflection
  Of the Father’s radiance bright.
All the treasures of God’s riches,
  All the secrets of His wisdom,
All in Christ are hid away.
  Let His name be praised today!
All is in Christ;
  God’s dear Son is Lord of all.
Blessings are imparted to us
  By the shameful cross He bore.
By His suffering inglorious
  We have peace forevermore.
By the Cross we have forgiveness,
  Life eternal, endless mercy.
By God’s Son is freely giv’n
  Everything in earth and heav’n.
All is in Christ;
  God’s dear Son is Lord of all.
In me there is naught but weakness,
  I am worthless, full of sin,
Stricken by its mortal sickness,
  Lacking light and hope within.
Now in Christ I find abundant
  Victory and strength and power.
Savior, come and live in me,
  Come and make me rich in Thee.
All is in Christ;
  God’s dear Son is Lord of all.
Savior, pardon my transgressions,
  For my love is still so small;
Though I gave all my possessions,
  This would profit scarce at all.
’Tis myself that Thou desirest;
  So I give myself, dear Master;
No thing hast Thou kept from me—
  Nor will I keep aught from Thee.
All is in Christ;
  Your whole self present to Him.
Vain your quest for lasting pleasure,
  Wealth, success, and worldly fame;
Christ alone must be your treasure,
  His resource your only claim.
Come, let Him disperse the famine
  Of your arid, waste existence.
Let God’s Son, th’ Immortal King
  Freely give you everything.
Valerie Trujillo

Phoenix, AZ, United States

All is in Christ indeed! Lord, lead us deeper into You until truly all we are and all that we have is for You and You alone! Halellujah for God's dear Son! He is the Lord of all!

Jean Reifinger

Signal Mountain, Tennessee, United States

The last verse brings tears to my eyes. "Let God's Son freely give you everything."

Analisa Cebrero

Pasig City Maybunga, Cagayan Valley, Philippines

Amen, thanks to GOD.

Michael Lisi

Mesa, AZ, United States

I am so thankful to the Lord that He has not witheld Himself from us. He does not desire our posessions. He wants our being. In like manner, He has given all that He is to us, holding nothing of Himself back. He has given Himself to us so that we would take Him and enjoy Him to the uttermost. In like manner, He desires that we open our entire being to Him that He may have and enjoy us as well. How sweet and precious our dear Lord Jesus is. Amen Lord, we give ourselves to you unreservedly. Enjoy us as we enjoy You.