Fill Thou my life, O Lord my God

Fill Thou my life, O Lord my God,
  In every part with praise,
That my whole being may proclaim
  Thy being and Thy ways.
Not for the lip of praise alone,
  Nor e’en the praising heart,
I ask, but for a life made up
  Of praise in every part:
Praise in the common things of life,
  Its goings out and in;
Praise in each duty and each deed,
  However small and mean.
Fill every part of me with praise;
  Let all my being speak
Of Thee and of Thy love, O Lord,
  Poor though I be and weak.
So shall no part of day or night
  From sacredness be free,
But all my life, in every step,
  Be fellowship with Thee.
Audrey Whyte

East Orange, NJ - New Jersey, United States

Giving Thanks for God's Grace and Mercies. This is the hymn that saturates my spirit.


Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

This hymn reminds me of my days as a teacher, and was sung at morning devotion assembly. It was a favourite hymn for my brother-in law, who was a lay-minister at the Anglican Church.

It always reminds me to be thankful to God for my family, my health and my work. To God be the Glory!!!


South Africa

This hymn is in my spirit today we used to sing it in middle school but I didn't understand the depth of it,,I just love the way He reassures one, in hymns and His Word.

Jeremiah Fichter

Randolph, Iowa, United States

Fill Thou my life, O Lord my God, In every part with praise!!!

Evan. James Jackson

Banjul, Serekunda, Gambia

This hymn my mother loved it, whenever she was in some kind of problem


Kampala, Uganda

From the day I listened to this song, my life changed. O Lord, my God, I want to serve You all the days of my life.


California, United States

Abba Father, you are Faithful in ALL Your ways as You love us unconditionally. Thank You for looking beyond our faults of discontent, self-absorption over disappointments and our complaining. Please let my life reflect the joy of You, a living sacrifice of praise to You. Forgive my sins and order my steps to live this life glorifying You. Amen.

Thank you for allowing us see this hymn. Praise God, hallelujah!


London, United Kingdom

There are some hymns that the Lord approves and this one of them. We are made to God and enjoy Him forever. What better to this allow our lives be filled praise to God our in Jesus Name. It is my utmost desire that my whole being be filled with prais to the Lover of soul. Lord, thank for Jesus and the write of timeless song. Amen!

Lisa Chiang

Los Angeles, California, United States

Not just our words or even our hearts, but our whole lives would be made up of praise.

Lord, we may be poor and weak, thinking or feeling (Oh Lord Jesus!) that we cannot be full of praise - this song couldn't possibly be describing us - BUT this song is our earnest plea! Lord, in every detail, every facet of our lives, fill it with Yourself as the One who leads us in praises to the Father! Fill us Lord as the One who is able and willing to praise unceasingly!

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

Horatius Bonar was descended from a long line of Scottish preachers. ... He began his ministry in the slums, writing hymns for children. He was deeply involved in a movement of evangelicals that pulled out of the national church of Scotland to form the Free Church. And through it all, he worked incessantly. One biographer says, "He was unbelievably immersed in work." He loved to travel; he loved his family.

Though his life was busy and filled with the cares of family and congregation, he prayed that, most of all, his life might be filled with "praise in every part." - Great Songs of Faith by Brown and Norton


Stanza 3 has been a bit modernized from the original below:

Praise in the common words I speak,

Life’s common looks and tones,

In fellowship in hearth and board

With my belovèd ones;


There is an additional stanza following stanza 3:

Not in the temple crowd alone

Where holy voices chime,

But in the silent paths of earth,

The quiet rooms of time.


There are 2 more stanzas before the last stanza:

So shalt Thou, Lord, from me, e’en me,

Receive the glory due;

And so shall I begin on earth

The song forever new.


So shall each fear, each fret, each care

Be turned into a song,

And every winding of the way

The echo shall prolong;