What a happy day

What a happy day
When I no more could turn away,
When Jesus took my heart from the black of night
Into the kingdom of His light.
Now my life’s begun,
The “really life” that’s in the Son.
No more am I enthralled by earth’s empty dreams;
Deep in me flows a living stream.
As I turn to Him
He fills me with His life within.
His life becomes my life in reality;
Oh, hallelujah, He’s in me!
I just love You, Lord,
With other loves, You break the cord.
You’ll be my life for all eternity;
You are the only One for me.
Miri Fisher

United States

Hallelujah! I've really enjoyed this simple song, it is so living. "No more am I enthralled by earth's empty dreams..." Christ is so much sweeter than anything the world could offer! With other loves, He breaks the cord. Lord, You're our life for ETERNITY! We love only You!