The Lord is longing for His Bride

The Lord is longing for His Bride,
  All glorious within.
His heart will then be satisfied
  When she is fit for Him.
’Tis by the Word the church is made
  Holy and pure as He;
All spots and wrinkles it removes
  That she His Bride may be.
We must redeem these golden days,
  Eating the Word in prayer,
Amening every line and phrase,
  And thus for Him prepare.
Oh, how the Word doth penetrate,
  Spirit and soul divide,
Revealing every hidden weight
  For us to lay aside.
Lord, how we thank Thee for Thy Word,
  Living and operative.
Oh, for Thy coming, we are stirred
  Ever by it to live!
Lord, make us those who bring Thee back,
  Who satisfy Thy heart.
Now by Thy Word supply our lack,
  Make us Thy counterpart.