At the end of Luke’s gospel, chapter twenty and two

At the end of Luke’s gospel, chapter twenty and two,
The Lord says to Peter, “Satan wants to sift you,
But the Lord’s interceding and His prayer is true,
Hallelujah! He’s prayed for us, we’ll never sift through!
  Though there’s all kinds of battles in our living each day,
And we always face trials, life is ordered that way,
Still, in all situations, as He intercedes,
He in all things supplies us and meets all of our needs.
Just a Christian alone, however strong he may be
Cannot withstand the sifting of the Lord’s enemy;
Though he might sift one only, yet he’ll ne’er sift two,
Hallelujah! Together we’re too big to sift through!
What a wonderful purpose God has purposed for us,
To be transformed and reigning with His Son, glorious;
So it just doesn’t matter what the foe might do—
Hallelujah! The church is much too big to sift through!
Zoe Aviles

Moreno Valley, California, United States

╰(*´︶'*)╯♡ I love the Lord! <3


Hallelujah! We are too big to sift through.

Young People In Fort Collins

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

Hallelujah! We are too big to sift through.

William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

We face countless battles in our living each day - our Lord ordered it that way. And our many troubles & trials can even make the highways to Zion a valley of weeping. But hallelujah! When we pass through this valley of Baca, our God makes this valley into a spring! And this spring is the Spirit! Praise the Lord!

Letesha Parker

Manchester, NH, United States

Praise the Lord. We are safe from the enemy when we are joined to the Body. Alone, we cannot experience the whole armor of God but together we are strong and Satan is unable to sift thru the Body of Christ. Hallelujah! more and more may we lose our independent nature and cleave to the saints for there is our protection.

Leira Ruth Fulgueras


We never had the capacity to keep ourselves from Satan's sifting but thank the Lord for interceding for us! It's not by us but by Him that we are supplied in all situations and be kept from the enemy's sifting! Thank You, Lord!

Sonia Phillipson-davis

Stony Hill, Kingston, Jamaica

Oh how thankful I am that centuries before I was born my Saviour prayed for me. I pledge to stand by someone in this battle so by the grace of God, together we'll never sift through.

Jonab Gama

Vitória Da Conquista, Bahia, Brazil

My High Priest Jesus is prayed for me; Hallelujah, I'll never sift through. The key for that is "together"! The church is much too big to sift through! Hallelujah!

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

At our home meeting we were discussing the sifting in Luke 22. I said, There's a song in the supplemental part of our hymnal about that, but how could we find it. I said, Probably it is in the section on the church, so I opened my hymnal to go to that section, and I saw that I had opened right to this song, which is the one I was looking for. It is in the Spiritual Warfare section appropriately, not the church section. We sung the song, and I received timely encouragement by it.

The 1st verse and the chorus are very good.

Verses 2-3 are not according to the truth. Christians need companions, but just because you stick together with another Christian doesn't mean you won't get sifted out.

Laura Wilde

United States

Hallelujah for our companions, those who we can go on with, and turn to!

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