O praise the Lord, God has a plan

O praise the Lord, God has a plan—
That’s why He formed a man;
To exercise authority,
Subdue the earth entirely.
O what a joy to be
In His recovery,
O praise God He made me a V.I.P.
O hallelujah, Christ became
A man to die for me.
And dying once my life to be,
In spirit now He lives in me.
The man supreme is He,
My all He came to be;
O hallelujah, He lives in me!
O hallelujah, I’m a man,
The center of God’s plan.
I’m God’s own image made to be,
Expressing His authority.
It’s great to be a man,
O praise God, I’m a man,
O hallelujah, I am a man!
O hallelujah, one new man,
The building of God’s plan!
God’s plan throughout eternity—
Not man, but men built corporately.
This man cannot be beat,
All things beneath his feet,
Christ and the church one man complete.
Sam Liu

New York City, NY, United States

Yes, I am a man!

Ronald Coley

Chicago, IL

This sounds like joy to the world.

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