Of the Spirit, born of Spirit

Of the Spirit, born of Spirit—
  This the source of Jesus is;
Filled with Spirit, all of Spirit—
  This the essence truly His.
In the Spirit, with the Spirit,
  As the Spirit Jesus came;
Now the Lord is just that Spirit
  And in spirit we’re the same.
Baptized in the Holy Spirit,
  In the Spirit we’re immersed;
All the church is born of Spirit,
  All religion is dispersed.
In the Spirit, in the Spirit—
  Brothers, this is all we need.
Now the church must be in Spirit,
  Not in teaching, form, or creed.
The communion of the Spirit
  Is the fellowship we share;
All the brothers, all the sisters
  Only for the Spirit care.
Now the Spirit in the churches
  Speaks to those who have an ear.
Seven Spirits for the churches
  Are our blessed portion here.
“Come and drink the living water,”
  Say the Spirit and the Bride—
Church and Spirit speak together,
  Utterly identified.
Just according to the Spirit
  Must be our reality;
Just the Spirit in the churches
  Is the Lord’s recovery.
Jorge Solomon


Just the Spirit in the churches

Is the Lord’s recovery.