One sat alone beside the highway begging

One sat alone beside the highway begging,
  His eyes were blind, the light he could not see;
He clutched his rags and shivered in the shadows,
  Then Jesus came and bade his darkness flee.
  When Jesus comes the tempter’s pow’r is broken;
  When Jesus comes the tears are wiped away.
He takes the gloom and fills the life with glory,
    For all is changed when Jesus comes to stay.
From home and friends the evil spirits drove him,
  Among the tombs he dwelt in misery;
He cut himself as demon pow’rs possessed him,
  Then Jesus came and set the captive free.
“Unclean! unclean!” the leper cried in torment,
  The deaf, the dumb, in helplessness stood near;
The fever raged, disease had gripped its victim,
  Then Jesus came and cast out every fear.
Their hearts were sad as in the tomb they laid him,
  For death had come and taken him away;
Their night was dark and bitter tears were falling,
  Then Jesus came and night was turned to day.
So men today have found the Savior able,
  They could not conquer passion, lust and sin;
Their broken hearts had left them sad and lonely,
  Then Jesus came and dwelt, Himself, within.
Helmuth Fritz

Beaumont, CA, United States

Favorite song first heard and often sang with 3rd grade classmates in Christian school Northern Calif about 1960. Stayed deep in memory and often when waking middle of night the tune and lyrics and memories of Godly teacher leading worship songs floods my soul. The experience described in this song is very very real. Praise the Lord.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Powerful, Anointed song, these words melted every fiber of my body.

Maureen Fisher

Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica

I love this song.

It ministers to me.

Abe Marvellous

Benue, Gboko, Nigeria

My mum used to sing this song when I was a child. I never knew the lyrics, but I knew the sound and the first words “When Jesus comes”. I woke up this morning hearing the sound in my spirit, then I came looking for the full song. What a glorious hymn.

“When Jesus comes, the tears are whipped away

He takes the gloom and fill it up with glory”

Jackie Simpson

Atlanta, GA, United States

We sang this song over 40 years ago in our church and I never heard it again until the Holy Spirit brought it to my mind in my sleep this morning and I woke up and searched for it on utube. The effect on me remains the same ….. soul stirring, moved to tears. Beautiful song of the redemptive power of Jesus Christ.

Onyekachi Franklin U

Enugu, Nigeria

This song always melting my heart any time I sing it. It draws me very close to God, in fact I need to sing it every day so that I will always be close to God, and to his glory

Suzanna Gajere

Kaduna, Nigeria

I heard this song for the very first time when I was 11 years old. I was captivated by it's melody, gradually, the words began to take shape in my heart and today at 53years old, the song has never been more meaningful... I thank God for it. It ministers to me when I am in distress and directs me to and invite the Lord Jesus into situations of my life ... He responds positively always... the tempter's power is broken, the tears are wiped away, he fills the life with glory, above all ALL IS CHANGED WHEN JESUS COMES TO STAY!! Hallelujah!!!

Sylvia Hunter

Savoy, Illinois, United States

What a wonderful gospel message is contained in the verses and chorus of this hymn! I had not heard it or even thought of it since singing it in my church in Indianapolis about seventy years ago! Thank you for making these hymns available to seekers and saints all over the world! My heart is greatly blessed this beautiful autumn morning!

Iliya J. Buba

Uba, Southern Borno, Borno State, Malaysia

This song griped my heart. Very powerful. Jesus has all power. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.


Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Singing this song after group prayer in the morning. This hymn touched my heart deeply, especially the verse " For all is changed when Jesus comes to stay." Thank the Lord for His life is so powerful in us when our heart is fully open wide for Him to stay!