There is a place within me

  There is a place within me;
It’s my conscience, and it tells me
When I’m good and when I’m bad.
And when I’m good, I’m happy.
When I’m bad, I feel so sad,
I wish I could be happy again,
  And so I say,“O Lord, I’m sorry.”
Then my conscience is clear
And I feel happy again.
William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

Thank You we can come back to You again and again. Your mercy has no depth Lord. Nothing BUT the blood of Jesus can wash away my sin!

Carmi Chiong

PTL for this very wonderful song! May the children grow up in Him.

Maria Mistica

Lucena, Quezon, Philippines

May the children joining the children's meeting grow in grace.

Viviana Arzabe