He Didn’t Stay Home

He didn’t stay home;
He went and visited people.
He didn’t stay home;
Jesus taught disciples.
Fed the following crowd outdoors;
Made them glad forevermore;
Serving’s what His life was for;
He didn’t stay home. SO!!!!!
Don’t stay home! (go, go!)
Go and visit people!
Don’t stay home! (go, go!)
Go and teach disciples. (GO!)
Fix some food, go out the door;
Make them glad forevermore;
Serving is what life is for,
Eunice Garcia

New York, United States

I woke up with song in my heart this morning... recently my two children, 12 and 8 years old, put tracts and a free bible offer (bfa.org) in the mailbox's in our neighborhood. I have a strong desire to get on a schedule to carry this out. Please pray for the Lord's blessing, covering, leading, protection, and that He would release the captives!!!

"Serving is what life is for, so DON'T STAY HOME!!"


Austin, Texas, United States

So convicting! Oh Lord, get us out of our "sealed houses"!


MD, United States

These are amazing work of Chirist. Thank you for this song. This song is telling us about the sacrificial steps Christ too when He was a man on earth. He left His glory to serve others. He lead a good example for all. We should continue evangelizing as Christ taught us.


Edmond, Ok

I don't know this song but I want to! I love it! Saints! Don't stay home! Go visit people!