Brothers Speaking Grouchily

  Brothers speaking grouchily,
Hatefully and angrily,
That kind of family
Has such hostility!
Watch or eventually
There’ll be brutality
Stop, oh stop, oh stop that talk!
Where your words go,
You will walk!
  Hear this dream,
Which Joseph dreamed of you—
Sheaves and stars,
Even the sun and moon,
Bowing down,
Oh, what a dream God gave!
He sees you bright and shining, full of life!
Joe Moma

Cheney, Washington, United States

I used to be so angry, so grouchy, so hostile; I was in deep sin. But praise the Lord for this hymn. Saints it changed my life. I go to sleep singing this song. The moment I wake up I sing this song. It’s truly a blessing, a revelation, an enlightenment. Stop stop stop that talk, Matthew Stoebe!


Spokane, Wa, United States

This song!! It has consistently been brought up in our home meeting every meeting for months!