In the ten commandments

  In the ten commandments God gave us,
There’s a promise found in one:
If we honor both our parents then
our days will be made long.
All we think, (all we think!) all we do, (all we do)
All we choose and all we say,
We can show our honor for our folks,
When we cheerfully obey!
Obey! (Obey!) Obey! (Obey!)
Obey our folks today. (today)
When we say, “Amen!” we honor them,
Let’s cheerfully obey!


This a beautiful song to remember to do good deeds. :)


United States

Nice song, I have to share this with the children in my church. This is a wonderful way to encourage and teach them the importance of honoring our parents and elders. Thank you for the song.

Diana Guerrero

Boca Raton, FL, United States

What a Song! Looking forward to singing it with our little seeds of the Gospel!!

Beryl Providence

Arima, 00000, Trinidad And Tobago

This opportunity to find such wonderful songs for children, with the music for those who need that help is a blessing. Thank you.

Lorelene Bandolon

Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

I've been searching for a song which will fit to our children's meeting lesson. Thank the Lord I found it here. This is really good. I'm sure the kids, specially my little boy Goforth, will like and learn from this.

Tristan Chai

Singapore, Singapore

I like this song because you can teach in the church (children meeting) and easy to learn.

Abigail Vinson

Irving, TX, United States

This song is really fun to sing, and people can go crazy in the echos. I like it for reminding me each day what happens when I obey my parents.