Fresh as the dew of the morning

Fresh as the dew of the morning,
  Bringing a sweet rest unheard,
Christ, in the gentle anointing,
  Whispers His comforting word:
Stand till the trial is over,
  Stand till the tempest is gone,
Stand for the glory of Jesus,
  Stand till the kingdom is won.
  Lord of all hope,
O how sweet is Thy voice,
Making my heart
In Thy presence rejoice.
If in the test of my trouble,
  Faint be my spirit and heart,
Faith, with the star of hope glimm'ring,
  Shall all be taken apart,
May then Thy faith with Thy life-pow'r
  Over me hold its full sway
That all Thy riches of glory
  Now I may share and for aye.
Lord, as the morning sun dawning,
  Chase all my darkness away,
And with Thy kind wings of healing
  Turn all my night into day.
Come Thou, O come, Lord of comfort,
  Come to my sad, weary heart,
Come, O Thou blest hope of glory,
  Never, O never depart.

JHb, Gauteng, South Africa

Christ is so refreshing.

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

Christ is fresh as the dew of the morning!


Santa Barbara, California, United States

"Lord of all hope,

O how sweet is Thy voice,"

Praise the Lord, we are people of hope. Believers in Christ are living in hope. Our life should be life of hope...hope of glory, hope of our calling, hope of the salvation of our soul, hope of eternal life. We are full of hope...


Auckland, New Zealand

I'm playing this song for a sister who is soon to be married. She will walk down the aisle to this song, May the Lord really bless her marriage life, and continue to keep her spirit fresh as the dew of the morning as the years go by.

Mikneiah Jezreel


What a very nice hymn

Jacky Thompson

Enfield, United Kingdom

Another great hymn.

Jacob Svendsen

Auckland, New Zealand

What a wonderful hymn! As of late I have been spending more and more time with Him and the chorus really does express what He can do! It is just so wonderful just being in His presence. Thank you for such a wonderful and sweet hymn.


Manila, Philippines

What a lovely hymn. So uplifting. Feeling down and troubled by so many things only Christ can comfort us. Yes... we should stand for the glory of Jesus. Taking Him as our everything we will overcome all the trials that will come along our way. Jesus ... my hope and glory.


...We could not deny the One who had always been faithful to us.

Marilyn Sharif

Fairfax, VA, United States

My elderly mother died recently in the morning. After a long, slow decline in her health, over a period of years due to dementia, she experienced a stroke, and then a rapid decline over a period of weeks. During her last day and a half, she experienced acute respiratory distress, which was finally relieved by a respiratory specialist at the hospital. Then she slept peacefully for about six hours. Finally, after being assured she was not alone, she took a deep, relaxed breath as if she were going into a deep sleep. Her nurse said it was one of the most peaceful passings she had ever witnessed. She said she was supposed to be in church that Sunday morning. I assured her that she was in church. The words of this song, Fresh as the dew of the morning, express perfectly my mother's passing into glory to be forever with her Lord Jesus. The Lord was truly there to usher her into His Kingdom (see Psalm 23). Thank You Lord! And, thank You to her nurse that morning. We were truly blessed by your ministry!