I give my heart to Thee

I give my heart to Thee,
  O Jesus most desired;
And heart for heart the gift shall be,
  For Thou my heart hast fired.
Thou hearts alone wouldst move,
  Thou only hearts dost love;
I would love Thee as Thou lov'st me,
  O Jesus most desired.
What off'ring can I make,
  Dear Lord, to love like Thine;
That Thou, the Word, didst stoop to take
  A human form like mine?
"Give Me thy heart, my son":
  Lord, Thou my heart hast won;
I would love Thee as Thou lov'st me,
  O Jesus most desired.
Thy heart is opened wide,
  Its offered love most free,
That heart to heart I may abide,
  And hide myself in Thee.
Ah, how Thy love doth burn,
  Till I that love return!
I would love Thee as Thou lov'st me,
  O Jesus most desired.
Here finds my heart its rest,
  Repose that knows no shock,
The strength of love that keeps it blest
  In Thee, the riven Rock.
My heart, as girt around,
  Her citadel hath found;
I would love Thee as Thou lov'st me,
  O Jesus most desired.
Elijah Chiu

Danville, California, United States

Lord I desire You much more than I will ever desire Fortnite

Erica Flores

Sacramento, California, United States

Lord, even in these days, you are still the one I most desire!


Cupertino, California, United States

I would love Thee as Thou lov'st me, O Jesus most desired! Lord, capture my heart to love You with the love Thou lov'st me! I would give Thee my best love!

Heather Wu

Texas, United States

Ah, how Thy love doth burn,

Till I that love return!

Ana Lara

Tolland, Connecticut, United States

Ray Palmer (1808-1887) was the son of the honorable Thomas Palmer, a judge in Rhode Island. He was born at Little Compton, Rhode Island on November 12, 1808.

His early life was spent in Boston as a clerk in a dry goods’ store. In Boston he joined the Park Street Congregational Church. He went three years to Andover Academy and graduated from Yale College, New Haven in 1830.

In 1835, he became pastor of the Central Congregational Church at Albany New York and in 1865, he became the Corresponding Secretary to the American Congregational Union, N. Y. He resigned and returned to Newark in 1887.

Most of Palmer’s hymns are considered superior to almost all others of American origin. The first one he wrote “ My Faith Looks up to Thee” has become most widely known and was written fresh out of college.

Palmer’s hymns are brought out of a combination of thought, poetry and devotion

Toyin Diyan

London, United Kingdom

A beautiful love song to sing and speak to the Lord!

What offering can I make?

Psa116:12 -14 "What shall I render to Jehovah for all his benefits to me? I will take up the cup of salvation and call upon the name of Jehovah. I Will my vows in the presence of his people"

Lord Jesus we love You. We open our hearts wide to You. Make Your home in our hearts. Amen.


Tbilisi, Georgia

Oh dearest One thank You for loving me so dearly, loving You is just blessing.

What off’ring can I make,

Dear Lord, to love like Thine? this is just Your mercy and grace to give my heart to You.


Riverside, CA, United States

One of the most valuable actions we can make towards the Lord is to allow Him to make his home in our heart. The more we begin to see His person the more we realize that there is no other One like our Precious Lord. He will be what we most desire in our being.

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

“And I will give them a heart to know Me, that I am Jehovah; and they will be My people, and I will be their God; for they will return to Me with their whole heart. ”

(Jeremiah 24:7)


Austin, Texas, United States

O Jesus most desired!