Lord, Thou didst know when in the flesh

We have spoken the truth concerning Christ being the Spirit in many messages. I am happy to hear the saints at the Lord's table praise the Lord for becoming the life-giving Spirit. This shows that we have received the spiritual education of this divine truth. In our hymnal, there are also a number of hymns which speak of Christ being the Spirit (Hymns, #490, 491, 493, 539).

Christ is in the believers as the Spirit of life (Rom. 8:2a, 9b). He is the Spirit (2 Cor. 3:17; 1 Cor. 15:45b). When I came to this country about thirty years ago, I began to tell people that Christ is the Spirit. There are a number of hymns we wrote in our hymnal concerning experiencing Christ as the Spirit (see Hymns, #493, #539). Brother Nee wrote some of these hymns, which stress that the very Christ, whom we experience today as the life that we live, is the Spirit (#490, #491, #492).

We need to give up the thought that the Lord would remain the same in His recovery over a period of twenty years with no improvement. To hold on to things of the past is not the Lord's recovery; rather, it is oldness. Our progress in the truth and in the growth in life does not change the Bible. By the Lord's mercy we began to see more in the Bible and to move according to what we saw. No one can deny that the life-giving Spirit is central in the New Testament. Even though Brother Nee may not have used the term life-giving Spirit, he saw how crucial the Spirit is in the Bible. Hymns, #491, which was composed by Brother Nee, is strong proof of his realization concerning the Spirit. The truth concerning the life-giving Spirit has always been in the Bible, but until now it has never been emphasized by God's people. By the Lord's mercy we have been led to emphasize the life-giving Spirit not only in truth but also in experience.