If I gained the world, but lost the Savior

If I gained the world, but lost the Savior,
Were my life worth living for a day?
Could my yearning heart find rest and comfort
In the things that soon must pass away?
If I gained the world, but lost the Savior,
Would my gain be worth the lifelong strife?
Are all earthly pleasures worth comparing
For a moment with a Christ-filled life?
Had I wealth and love in fullest measure,
And a name revered both far and near,
Yet no hope beyond, no harbor waiting,
Where my storm-tossed vessel I could steer;
If I gained the world, but lost the Savior,
Who endured the cross and died for me,
Could then all the world afford a refuge,
Whither, in my anguish, I might flee?
O what emptiness!—without the Savior
'Mid the sins and sorrows here below!
And eternity, how dark without Him!
Only night and tears and endless woe!
What, though I might live without the Savior,
When I come to die, how would it be?
O to face the valley's gloom without Him!
And without Him all eternity!
O the joy of having all in Jesus!
What a balm the broken heart to heal!
Ne'er a sin so great, but He'll forgive it,
Nor a sorrow that He does not feel!
If I have but Jesus, only Jesus,
Nothing else in all the world beside—
O then everything is mine in Jesus;
For my needs and more He will provide.

Auckland, New Zealand

My prayer was Lord let me gain you everyday and let me see their is nothing to gain in the world


Wellington, New Zealand

Verse 3 is very touching! It mentions "without the Savior" or "without Him" 5 times. Can you imagine all eternity in darkness without Him? What a mercy we have Him! This song makes me want to be saved again and again and this is exactly what we are experiencing today. Rom 5:10 says "If we... were reconciled to God... much more we shall be saved in His life."

Eph 3:17 says "That Christ may make His home in your hearts."

There are so many empty rooms in our heart, that is our mind, emotion and will. Rooms that are "without the Savior." Rooms that Christ wants to make home. Our real need today is for Christ to make His home in every part or our heart!


Auckland, New Zealand

"He heals the brokenhearted / And binds up their wounds." (Psalms 147:3)

Lord anoint us with the balm that is Yourself, O to even heal our broken heart!


Auckland, New Zealand

It's great to have Jesus. Even if we earned the world but lost the savior, will we have anything to save ourselves with from the world!


Auckland, New Zealand

If I gained the world but lost the saviour! What emptiness! Everything on this earth will surely pass away, but the word of God will remain. We should set our minds on the things which are above!


Auckland, New Zealand

The world is full of struggles, whether we are rich or poor. Even if we gain the whole world, we still would not have a true refuge for our storm-tossed vessel. But 'everything is mine in Jesus! '. When we have Jesus, then everything is ours.

Maurice Ward

Columbus, Ohio, United States

A day without Jesus is truly the gloomiest. One tends to walk on eggshells, yet one's heart is usually to stubborn to turn back to Him. But Praise the Lord there's never a sin to great, but He'll forgive it, nor a sorrow that He does not feel! Saints, O what emptiness there is without the Savior. He is truly everything! Just believe in Him!

O then everything is mine in Jesus reminds me of Ephesians 1:3-5

O the joy of sonship!!

Jeffrey Chan

San Francisco, CA, United States

Lord, cause me to love You every day!


Santa Ana, California, United States

Oh Lord Jesus we have everything in You Lord we don’t need nothing else but You Lord amen.


Irvine, CA, United States

Are all earthly pleasures worth comparing for a moment with a Christ-filled life? Praise Jesus, He is the most precious One!!!