I'm learning how to spend time with the Lord

I'm learning how to spend time with the Lord.
Beginning to believe not how I feel.
But trusting in the Lord's accomplishments,
  His sovereignty. (Proclaim: "Yes, Lord, I see")
Why are you still defeated, little one?
As if I'm not the all-inclusive One.
Believing that I am, just look away,
  Away to Me.
We certainly will fail time after time.
At times we're too ashamed to turn again,
Just stop and breathe yourself out on the Lord,
  And breathe Him in. (Proclaim: "Oh, Lord!")
When there's no rest in me, He is my rest.
When there's no peace around, His peace is best.
We know Him through His word, the Spirit brings
Present your body, in His presence stay.
He's faithful and adept all to arrange.
He's writing His own history today,
  Give Him the way. (Proclaim: "Lord, today!")
He's always there to give us what we need.
Our oldness turns to newness—He's the Spring!
He turns our deadness to enlivening
  By dispensing.
So put your introspective mind at ease,
He calls us, "Look away and feast with Me!"
Don't try to analyze so many things.
  Love and believe. (Proclaim: "Yes, we believe!")
So call on Him, your open spirit bring,
Not busy with so many outward deeds.
His Body's rich supply and covering
  Will guard our being.
Don't be afraid to give yourself to Him.
Remaining whole and guarded, we miss Him.
The Body's life supply the members bring,
  While opening. (Proclaim: "We open, Lord!")
I need the other members; they need me.
We take the loving way excellingly.
His love is the unique enduring thing
  To make us Him.