Look Away unto Jesus

I just don't know where'd the hours go?
Never meant to click on so many videos.
Scrolling, swiping, endless liking.
Clock's tik-tokking; God is calling:
  Look away, look away unto Jesus!
Don't let this world deceive us.
Stuck again, my friend?
Look away unto Jesus!
Look away, look away unto Jesus,
Into the eyes of the One who frees us.
Redeem the time.
Renew your mind.
Look away unto Jesus!
What I behold is what I reflect.
What do I reflect if it's Jesus I reject?
God wants us to share His story
By reflecting Him in glory.
Lord, turn my eyes back from vanity.
Bring me once again into Your reality.
I confess these things are worthless.
Lord, transform me for Your purpose.
  Look away, look away unto Jesus!
Look away, look away unto Jesus!
(Look away!)
Maurice Ward

Irving, Texas, United States

Every age has a fashion and the goal of each age is to replace Christ by consuming our time. Lord we give ourselves to You.


United States

Amen! Oh Lord Jesus help us to redeem the time by looking away unto You. May all earthly joys fade as we behold You!