Blessed dispensing of the Divine

Blessed dispensing of the Divine;
Flow from above to this spirit of mine.
An open vessel I have to be
So that it's Christ who's living in me.
  This is my story, this is my song,
Divine dispensing all the day long.
Made for His glory, here I belong—
A God-man living all the day long.
Blessed dispensing in the Divine;
Eternal blessing uniquely is mine;  
Indwelling law—the Spirit of life—
Saving me fully to reign in life.
Divine dispensing, regular days,
Always receiving in various ways:
Eating and drinking—breathing Him in—
Will constitute me as a God-man.
Divine dispensing, romance divine,
Rend'ring my best love, eternally Thine!
Seeking, obeying, loving Thy Word,
Into Thy kingdom being transferred.
  Romantic story! Great mystery!
I become Thee and Thou become me!
God and man mingled eternally—
City of glory, our destiny!
Intimate living, romance divine,
Thou, Lord, art mine, and I'm fully Thine!
Thy counterpart in fellowship sweet,
Until in marriage union we meet!
Daniel Fan

Houston, Texas, United States

God and man mingled eternally—

City of glory, our destiny!

Hallelujah saints, this is our destiny! Lord. mingle yourself with us more!