In the morning He wakes me

In the morning He wakes me.
He awakens my ear.
He longs to sustain the weary,
Thus, I rise Him to hear.
  Yet ere I speak to the weary,
The Lord must first be heard,
He fills me anew so I'm able to,
Sustain them with a word.
Open my ear this morning.
I want to hear Your voice.
From everything else I'm turning,
You only are my choice.
  Lord Jesus, I long to be filled!
Spring up from within me!
That others could know Your life-giving flow,
And no more be thirsty.
Oh Lord, care for the weary,
These sheep with no Shepherd.
Dear Lord I pray You could use me,
Make me a good steward.
  Lord, here I am! Fill me freshly!
I long for Your supply,
If I'm filled today, You will have a way,
These ones to satisfy.
  This is the reason I'm living,
To feed the weary ones.
This is my true bliss.  I would still do this,
Until my Master comes.
Sophia Chan

San Francisco, CA, United States

We have the Lord as our good Shepherd, the great Shepherd, the Chief Shepherd, and the Shepherd of our souls. The Lord shepherds us and constitutes us as shepherds.