Rushing On

Rushing on, I must confess,
Drifting away, I found no rest.
Rushing on, my seeking heart
Kept rushing on, and felt so far from You.
You are not apart from Me,
This broken world tries to deceive.
Just believe into your Lord,
Your seeking heart will be restored in Me.
Here I am still asking why
As moments come and years go by.
Will I ever come to be
What You desire or will I flee from You?
Turn your eyes on Me this day
And take more time to call and pray;
We are joined in spirit now,
This is an everlasting vow from Me.
Lord, when I am looking back,
All that I see are things I lack.
Help me cast these doubts aside
While knowing that Your life resides in me.
Don't look back! The past is dead,
You're with Me now, just look ahead.
Keep Me in your faithful gaze
And grow in life through all your days with Me.
Matthew D Fritz

Centerville, OH, United States

Lord, we turn our eyes on You!

Julie Monteseven

Tubod, LDN, Philippines

"We are joined in spirit now"

Thank You for this everlasting vow dear Lord!! ❤️